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Zinc Oxide USP Non-Nano

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The wonders of Zinc Oxide: Apart from being what is considered to be a safe, more natural and alternative sunscreen, it's other benefits include healing epidermal wounds, burns, rashes, skin oiliness, infections and acne.

Unlike many chemical sunscreens, zinc oxide protects against UVA and UVB light rays and is often used as a natural, non-toxic sunscreen to prevent burns, signs of photo-aging and irritation.


Country Of Origin: Canada

Zinc Oxide is non-nano with a mesh size of 325 nm. Non-Nano and not micronized; this means the particles of the zinc powder are large enough to sit on the skin and achieve their purpose (sunblock, reduce acne and rashes, soothe redness, etc.) instead of being absorbed into the blood stream.

Zinc Oxide is a white powder with wonderful astringent properties. It physically works to provide 28 times the skin's natural protections against harmful UVA & UVB rays and has a great soothing effect for use in many skin preparations.

It is uncoated and is an inert ingredient, often used to thicken lotions and creams. This natural product is wonderful when added to your creams or lotions to make a UV protecting product.


The zinc oxide dissolves easily in either warm oil or warm water or hydrosols. Depending on quantity added to your products the amount of protection will vary.


Use to Make Your Own Acne and Rash Cream and Ointment, Sunscreen, Soap, Lip Balm.


INGREDIENTS: Zinc Oxide is non-nano


USAGE: Wear gloves to avoid the powder from sticking to your fingers; Wear a mask if handling large quantities of powder to avoid accidentally inhaling it (inhaling zinc powder will at worst dry your nose, and at best it will make you sneeze); Take extra time and care to mix the powder in any skin care recipe you use in order to distribute it evenly and avoid the powder from settling to the bottom of your preparation.