About Us


We figure there's nothing wrong with being a man these days. 

This Man Cave isn't just a play on "Caveman" you know. I realize that I may carry some of the caveman's instincts; well, I like meat.

For me, a man cave isn't just the general "man cave" that we find in basements but a place physically or mentally where I can still think and act like a man. 

Many seem to think that acting like a man means being a chauvinistic pig. Well I don't care about people who think of us as being that way inclined and am happy to ignore them. Actually, I kind of feel sorry for them.

Here, I'm simply trying to focus on what guys (not all) want. Yes, we have a women's lingerie section but that's because a lot of us want our other half to wear things like that. If she doesn't want to wear them, then fine, move on to something else. If you find that offensive then I won't lose any sleep over it as I'm sure you won't either.

Our store also won't be full of sexy pictures, rude signs and posters about farting (there are a few of all those), as "us guys" do have a few other things going on nowadays.

Anyway, we hope you'll find a few things that you can use for your "man-cave", games room, garage or whatever and we also are going to highlight many things that men either find essential or maybe don't even realize we need or want.

Soon we'll have things we use around the house, our hobby stuff along with health and lifestyle items to name a few.

Our aim is to try and show you some of the latest, most popular and in some cases, a little off-beat items from around the world that are available today.

For those of you looking for that slightly different gift idea - this might be the place.

To the ladies visiting here, welcome. I hope you find something that interests you, either for your significant other or maybe for yourself.

Keep checking back as we try and add new items continuously and that does take a bit of time.