Sunglasses - Why Do We Really Wear Them?

Sighting someone with shades even on a somewhat cloudy day isn’t much of a rare occurrence these days. 

As weird as you might call them in your head, people do really wear sunglasses for a heck lot of reasons other than just protecting their eyes from the sun. 

And if you knew what the general psychology is behind shades on even a rainy day, you won’t be able to look them in the eyes the same way (with all puns intended), like before.

A pair of sunglasses is one of the pillars that support the state of accessories in the world of fashion. Evolving way past the point of being a mere piece of protective gear for the eyes, sunshades have become that one accessory that many of us wouldn’t think of leaving home without! They rank right up there with, “Do I have my keys, wallet/purse, kids?”

And if you’re guilty of using your sunglasses for the same purpose that we’re going to lay down, then you should take it with a grain of salt, sit back and have a laugh for being called out on your quirks!

And for all those who don’t already know about it, here’s all the unusual reasons people may don their sunglasses for!

  1. For The Obvious Reason, Of Course!

First thing’s first and all jokes apart: sunglasses are important for the eyes in any weather, but especially when the sun is shining, as the ultraviolet (both UVA and UVB) rays are always penetrating the ozone layer of the atmosphere and subsequently affecting all forms of life on this planet.

Ultraviolet radiation is extremely harmful for the skin and can be dangerous for the delicate optic fibers of the retina and iris in the eye that constitutes our sense of vision.

These harsh lights reaching the eyes concentrate on a central focal point by getting magnified triple-fold as they pass through the natural lenses in our eyes. This can eventually burn out the delicate fibers and glands of the eye leading to permanent blindness.

Sun-shades with UV-resistant lenses block out the ultraviolet rays from reaching the eyes and damaging eyesight.

Also, apart from damaging our eyes directly, ultraviolet rays can also cause premature aging around the eyes. Since these are some of the most sensitive areas on our face, they get highly affected by the effects of the sun.

The areas around eyes lose collagen with time, which doesn’t regenerate. This is why we easily develop wrinkles in these areas that sun damage can accelerate.

So, wearing sunglasses doesn’t only save your eyes but can also protect the adjacent areas from developing spots and wrinkles.

  1. To Avoid Conversation 

Once the shades go on over the eyes, it becomes pretty easy to block out the rest of the world. Since you do not have to make eye contact with anyone around you, there is seemingly less impetus for you to engage in any sort of conversation with them.

This is a simple and easy trick to avoid looking at people and start a conversation even if they are looking at you, hoping to get into a lighthearted chit-chat or something of the sort.  I guess you can call it being aloof, ignorant, but for many of us, it can be simply down to shyness.

They may be smiling or waving at you, and you might just notice them as well, but they don’t need to know that! 

We aren’t judging, but this has been a common way to avoid people for a long time now, and it can be useful in circumstances when you really need to avoid a meeting that could turn awful, frustrating or down-right nasty!

  1. A Comfort Accessory For Shy People

Sunglasses are actually God’s own accessory for people who are shy and want to avoid people at all points of time in their lives. A pair of sunshades is all that a shy person needs to don to think that they have blended with the background (even though that might not always be the case).

But what you need to understand about this, is that the “starter pack” for many shy people is incomplete without their sunglasses (and their gray hoodie, if you wanna judge them like that). 

So, before you see a person wearing sunglasses inside a building or outdoors with no sun shining overhead, know that they could well be basically a very shy person who’s trying really hard to go unnoticed, especially in a crowded public place.

The reasons why somebody would like to hide their eyes could be several depending on their personalities. Eyes can be the biggest indicator of how a person might be feeling while interacting, owing to the subtle involuntary movement of the muscles around their eyes that can give away several emotions. 

It could even indicate whether you’re interested in the conversation or not, and this is where shy and introverted people could feel uncomfortable, especially if they aren’t looking for a conversation, to begin with.

  1. On No-Makeup and Bad-Hair Days!

A pair of sunglasses can literally be the savior, especially for females, on days when they have no makeup on and may be feeling low on confidence. These could just be that one fashion accessory that turns around that bad-hair day and makes you look the rockstar that you are! 

Moreover, sunglasses can even come pretty handy if you have a hangover from partying really hard last night for that matter.

Sunshades are the most desirable fashion accessory for a reason. They possess a significantly transformative potential that can make up for any sort of fashion faux pas or any look that had blown up. All you have to do is pick the right kind of sunglasses that would compliment the structure of your face, and leave the rest up to it to work on.

In fact, wearing a pair of sunglasses nowadays is more of a “fashion-necessity” than anything else you might want to associate them with. And with the advent of newer models by the day, it’s far from being difficult to get your hands on a trendy yet versatile pair of shades. 

These will conceal whatever it is that you’re trying to keep from the eye of the public.

  1. To Hide Emotions

Eyes are justifiably called the windows to the heart and soul. And more often than not, they do give away the emotions a person might be feeling at that point of time. So, when we say to someone that their emotions are showing on their face, it’s actually because their eyes reflect whatever it is that’s going on inside their minds.

Now, for this precise reason, some people might want to don a pair of shades, even in less than sunny situations. One of the interesting thought patterns regarding this is that some may also think that competence and intelligence could also be gauged from someone’s eyes and that a quick wit glimmers through one’s eyes. 

This might also trigger one’s self-esteem, making them conscious of what they give away through their eyes because of which they might just wanna cover them up.

  1. To Avoid Eye Contact

At times people want to go for darker lenses as they prevent the occurrence of direct eye contact with anyone. In a psychology research journal by Michael Argyle and Janet Dean, it is significantly implied that eye contact does play a major part when it comes to interaction. It also indicates to the person talking at that point of the listener’s interest in listening to the speaker.

As had already been pointed out earlier in this guide, eye contact or the lack thereof might be an indicator of one’s personality and insecurity. In fact, people who engage in frequent eye-contact and expect the gesture to be returned by everyone are generally taken to be emotionally dependent and needing to be paid attention to. 

People who don’t want to be seen or noticed all that much, refrain from making eye contact and might do so because of lower self-esteem or out of fear of rejection. And this is precisely what darker lenses help to conceal for people who don’t want to be noticed.

  1. If You Don’t Want People To Recognize You

An ages-old act pulled by many, including celebrities when they step out on the street for their daily tumbler of coffee or trying to trick the paparazzi. Wearing sunglasses for some people is a way to hide their identities altogether so that they become less recognizable to others. Wearing huge, full shades hides the most expressive portions of your face making it difficult for people to recognize you at a glance. 

In what is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, nowadays so many people wear sunglasses all the time that they often remove them in order that they won’t be recognized.

  1. To Look Cool And Mysterious!

Hiding your eyes behind a pair of dark shades could instantly make you appear more mysterious, as people will then struggle to place you amongst familiar faces in their minds. Wearing sunglasses also brings in a classy and edgy element to your overall personality. 

Some people wear a pair to look cool and classy in a certain environment, primarily if they want to impress someone.

The psychology regarding this too is quite interesting. As hiding one’s eyes behind darker lenses make them challenging to read or recognize for others, it instills a certain sense of confidence in the wearer. It helps them to keep their emotions to themselves, without giving much info about their identities. 

This way, they could be confident about their appearance and present their best selves, especially when it comes to making the first impression!


  1. When You’re Really Embarrassed!

Since sunglasses hide a substantial portion of your face, and most importantly your eyes, these work exceptionally well if you embarrass yourself in any way at a public place. Or if you get yourself in a weird situation where you end up becoming the center of attention for everyone!

This is because when you put on a pair of shades in such situations, you won’t give people who are ogling at you the sadistic pleasure of seeing the distress that is usually expressed in our eyes.

And as we have already mentioned, people also wear sunglasses when they are high as a kite and wouldn't want their eyes to tell all about the adventures of last night. Whatever may be the cause of your embarrassment, rest assured that a pair of glares can help you walk your “walk of shame” easily without getting you all sweaty or riled up about it.

And as they say, if you can’t see them clearly through your amber glasses, there is no need bothering if they see you or not! (we totally made that up).

  1. To Help Give Off A Tanned And Lean Appearance

Believe it or not, wearing a pair of beautiful, large sunglasses can actually make you look slimmer and give you a bit of a sun-kissed effect!

This is one trick of the fashion world that works like a charm almost all the time!

This is because the color of lenses for most sunshades complement all kinds of skin-tones beautifully, providing you with a glowing effect.

Since the frames coincide with your cheekbones as we wear them, it highlights all the sharp features of your face, making it look slimmer!

It makes for a scorching fashion statement no matter what you pair it up with and the perfect solution for times when you err in your style!


So this was all about why people wear sunglasses apart from the apparent requirement for shielding their eyes against the sun.

Hope you liked and enjoyed our segment on this quirky topic!

We’ll be back with other earth-shattering and exciting things real soon.

Till next time!