Snoring - An Epic Tale

I recently added a few products to this site, among them a couple of anti snoring/anti sleep apnea aids that will help some people.

Why did I add such an exciting and scintillating product? Well, through my own personal experience.

I used to snore a fair bit, to the point where my wife would have to shove me to stop me snoring in the time honored tradition of waking me up.

One morning at breakfast she complained to me about the fact that she had a bad night’s sleep due to my snoring. I duly apologized and said I would maybe get to the doctor one day to see what could be done as I too felt as if I wasn’t sleeping well.

She then said, “Oh, and while you’re there maybe ask him why you stop breathing when you’re sleeping, as though you’re holding your breath”.

I looked at her and asked her how long this had been going on. She replied, “Quite a long time now, it happens most nights”. I was a little alarmed as I knew about sleep apnea, and asked her, “And how long do I stop breathing for?”

Her reply, “Sometimes it’s quite a long time, maybe 30 seconds or more before you breathe again, I’m not really sure”.

I stared at her and asked, “And just how long were you going to wait for me to breathe again? If you left me long enough maybe I wouldn’t”

She replied, “Oh”, and went back to her breakfast.

She’s now my ex-wife by the way (not because of that though).
True story.