Body Shapers For Men

Body Shapers For Men

Nowadays, it’s a fact that just like women, men are also concerned about their looks and physical appearance.

Maybe you’re like me and gave the good old “suck in the stomach move” every time an attractive lady was in the vicinity. Well, no more holding in the belly until you’re red in the face because body shapers for men are here!

It seems our lives are getting busier and it’s harder to find time for men to keep in shape. This has led to a massive increase in the popularity of shapewear for men that at least gives the appearance of a trimmer figure.

What Are Body Shapers?

A Body Shaper is generally a very tight fitting piece of clothing that is worn underneath your regular outer clothing to give your body a slimmer, tighter look.Another term used is “Compression Wear”.

Apart from under-garments, the same types of material are being used in T-Shirts, gym vests and other items.

It’s not a surprise if you haven't come across them since most people don’t seem to know they exist and the only body shaper we knew of was wrapping ourselves in Seran Wrap and hoping we didn’t rustle too much. For those who did know about them, they generally only used them during special occasions to enhance their appearance so they wouldn’t appear to be so overweight, which is still one of the main reasons they are worn.

In times gone by, when they were called girdles or corsets, they weren’t comfortable to wear the entire day since the wires used in making them were not comfortable, especially after several hours. But today, these men’s shapewear products are made with breathable materials which can be worn comfortably for the whole day without you sweating like the proverbial pig.

How Body Shapers Work

Whether you're new to men’s shapewear or if you’ve got a full closet of them, it's essential to learn how these garments work. Quality men’s shapewear is very different from off-the-rack cheap underwear garments, so if you want to get the best look, it’s good to know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

Body shapers have panels that are designed to compress fat and give your body a slim look. The panels are knitted together in small pieces. When sewing the parts, the designers compliment curves in the right places and compress the flabby parts, e.g. your beer belly.

The material used in making body shapers is also significant. Spandex and Latex body shapers create a firm hold. While some individuals love the one piece, tight body shapers, most of the time you’ll feel better and more comfortable if you use a body shaper that’s constructed in pieces.

Where Does The Fat Go?

I know you’re wondering where the extra fat and weight goes to after wearing shapewear.  When your shapewear fits appropriately, it reshapes and compresses the softer parts of your body, giving you good looking curves in the desirable places. The excess fat is compressed into the firmer body muscles, e.g., those in your chest and abdomen. Your chest and stomach will look slimmer and better than they actually are.

Will it make the fat go away forever? No, it just compresses it while being worn.

How Shapewear Can Make You Feel Better About Yourself

The main reason why you should consider wearing shapewear is to enhance your physique and appearance. When we think we look good, we feel good. The next step, hopefully, is take the hint and be motivated to work towards a slimmer body. Most men face wardrobe problems that are caused by excess fat, particularly around the stomach and chest; the shapewear can help in moulding your body in a way that you’ll get an enhanced, toned, muscular look.

Those of us who have been overweight at some point in our life probably know what it feels like to attend a special event or occasion and have our seemingly well-fitting shirt pop a button as soon as we sit down or breathe out.

Buying the right body shaper will save you from such embarrassments  and even boost your confidence levels.

What About Wearing It To Get Lucky

A word of caution here; a possible negative with this is that while wearing your shaper, you might meet someone who could become the love of your life. Then what do you do?  

You could appear at first sight to be sculpted like Brad Pitt but when the clothes come off, you resemble Jabba The Hutt. Other than stringing her along and pretending to be “waiting for the right moment” until you’ve got the weight off, I don’t know what to tell you.

How Body Shapers Can Motivate You To Get Your Body Into Better Shape

As if the previous paragraph isn’t enough motivation, body shapers give your body the illusion of a smaller figure by flattening the stomach and making your chest look firm and steady. With time you’ll want these changes to be permanent.

Just take a selfie with, and then without, your shapewear, and you will probably make your mind up pretty quickly. Also, since some of these body shapers can get a bit uncomfortable to wear for long periods, perhaps you will decide it’s time to burn some calories by exercising rather than repeatedly putting on this extra piece of clothing.

Materials Used In Making Them.

Most body shapers are built using spandex and nylon. Spandex, also referred to as elastane or lycra, is a type of synthetic fiber that’s more elastic and durable than rubber.

Some manufacturers also use neoprene to make male body shapers. Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that’s mostly used to make diving suits since it acts as an insulator. Deep-water swimmers who use suits made from neoprene are safe in very cold climates. While Neoprene is good for making swimming suits, the insulation property of this material is known to increase the body temperatures of its users and make them sweat.

The best body shapers for summertime or anywhere in a hotter climate, are made using cotton and microfibers, together with spandex and nylon, to make them more breathable and comfortable. The cotton absorbs the sweat better and the microfibers will control odors.

Types Of Body Shapers

Nowadays, manufacturers are making a wide range of shapewear products for men. Here are the most popular ones:

The Mirdle: This is the most common type of body shaper used by men. Men who start growing spare tires or muffin tops on their stomachs use this gadget whenever they have trouble buttoning their trousers, or want to look good in tight shirts. The mirdle has various iterations. Some have a tube-like shape that is worn around the torso. Some models also feature a full body suit that resembles the outfits used by wrestlers. Although many mirdles are used for their health benefits which include correcting bad posture, you can wear them to give an illusion of a flat tummy.

You can also use the compression shirt, which a less-constrictive version of the mirdle used by most athletes to provide a slimming effect around the chest area and the abdomen.

The Mantyhose: The latest trend in the clothing industry has caused the men’s fashion to move from loose-fitting clothes into sleeker and stylish clothes. Many lines of men’s clothes are nowadays tailored to reveal every detail, which has made some men start shopping for the mantyhose.

A mantyhose is basically a pantyhose meant for men, made using the same sheer fabric used in making women’s pantyhose. Apart from shaping a man’s butt, the mantyhose serves other practical purposes which include keeping men warm during winter and providing compression for men who have circulatory problems.

The Male Bras: It doesn’t matter what you call them, from gynecomastia vests, Compression vests, or even Bros, these are basically bras for men. Some men tend to develop breasts during puberty, by a condition referred to as gynecomastia. Those who cannot afford surgeries choose to wear male bras, which, unlike their female counterparts, they flatten the breasts instead of lifting them. Some male athletes also wear sports bras to help them avoid painful nipples that are caused by the friction between the nipples and the wet shirts.

Support Boxers: Support boxers have been around for quite a while, except that they were used for athletics. However, the market nowadays is full of different types of support and boxers for men that can help you lift and shape your flabby buttocks, or even help enhance other assets on your body. e.g., some support boxers feature a tummy control panel that can be adjusted to fit a developing beer belly. Some briefs have additional padding to add shape and support to your body.

Pros And Cons Of Using Body Shapers

While using shapewear to get a perfect fit into any particular shirt or making one look masculine has been going on for quite some time, using shapewear for men has its pros and cons.

Pros Of Using Body Shapers For Men

  • Body Shapers for men hold much of the excess fat and flabby muscles neatly and in place.
  • A better defined masculine physique is often obtained even if they don’t  hit the gym.
  • Male body shapers that are worn around the waist and back gives your a back support while at the same time improving posture.
  • The wearer often feels motivated to work on improving their bodies and self-confident due to the spreading out of the excess fat and flab making them look fitter. Shapewear also holds the back erect.

Cons Of Using Body Shapers For Men

  • It takes patience and time to know how and when to use them. Knowing how to tuck in the flab in the correct places might seem cumbersome at first although you will learn in time.
  • If not used correctly, shapewear sometimes compresses the muscles too much, causing various health problems among men including nerve problems and blood vessel issues beneath the body shapers.

.As you’ve seen, Women are not the only people who are concerned with their looks. Men from all over the world use shapewear to lose some inches from their bellies, firm up their pecs, and maybe add some lift and padding in other areas using shapewear. The men’s shapewear industry is big, and still, the male population cannot get enough of this fantastic undergarment.

If it’s the first time you’re buying any male shapewear, you should ensure that you purchase the right type of shapewear for your needs by considering size, shape and the material used in making them.

You can find a couple of examples here: