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Sunglasses - Why Do We Really Wear Them?

Sighting someone with shades even on a somewhat cloudy day isn’t much of a rare occurrence these days.  As weird as you might call them in your head, people do really wear sunglasses for a heck lot of reasons other than just protecting their eyes from the sun.  And if you knew what the general psychology is behind shades on even a rainy day, you won’t be able to look them in the eyes the same way (with all puns intended), like before. A pair of sunglasses is one of the pillars that support the state of accessories in the world of fashion. Evolving way past the point of being a mere piece of protective gear for the eyes, sunshades...

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Body Shapers For Men

A word of caution here about using body shapers. A possible negative with this is that while wearing your shaper, you might meet someone who could become the love of your life. Then what do you do?   You could appear at first sight to be sculpted like Brad Pitt but when the clothes come off, you may resemble Jabba The Hutt. What do you do? 

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